Polar Power DC Generator

Polar Power, Inc. first tested its DC generator using its PMHH Alternator technology in 1992. Since then numerous organizations have performed extensive testing on our generators, including the US Army. Polar’s DC generator sets (gensets) meets both Military and Bellcore power applications.

The Polar DC Generators are designed and optimized to deliver high currents at low voltages which is required for battery charging and operating DC loads. No battery chargers or power supplies are required.

Polar assembles their generators to meet the clients requirements by adding the appropriate diesel, gasoline, or gas (propane, butane, natural gas) engine to their proprietary DC alternators. All engines are liquid cooled.

Polar has designed this DC alternator incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and all new tooling to meet the increased performance demand.

  8220-100 series Rugged Power

Founded in 1979 Polar Power specialized in solar photovoltaic systems, solar air conditioning and refrigeration. We developed and provided photovoltaic charging controls for telecommunications in the 1980s along with DC generators for the military. In 1994 we were first to provide DC generators with remote control and monitoring to the telecommunications industry.

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  8220-603 series ( Back-up GAS DC Generator Set)

Available Models:
• 8220-603-NG-12 Natural Gas 12 kW -48 VDC
• 8340-603-NG-15 Natural Gas 15 kW -48 VDC
• 8220-603-LP-12 LPG 12 kW -48 VDC
• 8340-603-LP-15 LPG 15 kW -48 VDC

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  8220-603 series  ( Back-up Diesel DC Generator Set )

Available Models:
• 8220-603-D-10 Diesel 10 kW, -48 VDC
• 8220-603-D-15 Diesel 15 kW -48 VDC

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  Open Frame for Polar DC Generators

The open frame is designed for installation within a walk-in shelter.
A walk-in shelter is the preferred set-up for our customers as it facilitates easy generator maintenance. We find higher-quality services can be given to the generator when the mechanic can walk into the enclosure, close the door behind him, turn on the light and work on the generator without snow, wind, or rain pouring affecting him.

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